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Seminar 1 Preparation

1. Please carefully read the items listed below to get the most out of the seminar practice sessions. Quiz 1 will test your knowledge of the items listed below and the required homework CD listening. Some explanations have an 'Additional Notes' section. Anything included in these sections will not be tested in Quiz 1 but feel free to read through them and their contents should reviewed after the seminar.

2. In addition, please watch the following training videos and fill in the accompanying worksheets. Please be aware that some of the videos are based on the old rank system, so any references to a particular rank may be inaccurate, but most other information is current. The training videos can be found here.

  • Overview of PLS Training Video Series (about 6 minutes)
  • A Quick Look at PLS Classes (about 38 minutes)
  • Important Points in Teaching English to Children (about 16 minutes)
  • Flashing Cards (about 19 minutes)
  • Tips for Planning Effective Lessons (about 12 minutes)

3. Before you come, we’d also like you to carefully listen at least once, ideally twice, to the following study CDs. Please look at each respective card as you listen. If it's been some time since you last listened to these CDs, we recommend that you review them.

  • Daily Expressions Set A (40 minutes)
  • Question/Answer Set A (48 minutes)

4. Finally, please also listen to the tracks and play through some of the games for letters A ~ L in Alphabet & Calendar Click.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!