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Seminar 1 Preparation

1. Please carefully read the items listed below to get the most out of the seminar practice sessions. Quiz 1 will test your knowledge of the items listed below, the videos, and the required homework CD/Click listening.

2. Please watch the following training videos. Please be aware that some of the videos are based on the old rank system, so any references to a particular rank may be inaccurate, but most other information is current. The training videos can be found here.

  • Overview of PLS Training Video Series (about 6 minutes)

  • A Quick Look at PLS Classes (about 38 minutes)

  • Important Points in Teaching English to Children (about 16 minutes)

  • Flashing Cards (about 19 minutes)

  • Tips for Planning Effective Lessons (about 12 minutes)

3. To make the most of the homework check practice, please learn cards 1-16 of Daily Expressions Set A, cards A-K of Alphabet & Calendar, and cards 1-16 of Question & Answer, Set A. We also recommend you listen to the CD for Daily Expressions Set A and listen or play through some of the PLS Click games for Alphabet & Calendar and Question & Answer, Set A.

Please talk to your managers or senior teachers about access to these homework materials. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!