To develop global citizens capable of comprehending and communicating, effectively and with decorum, in the world's international language.



  • To teach English as functional, living communication

  • To teach all four skills of spoken and written English

  • To develop self-motivated learners

  • To enable an understanding of different cultures

  • To promote meaningful, caring communication with others

  • To foster internationally accepted social behavior


The PLS System®

The ever-evolving PLS program, developed and orchestrated by Ray and Masumi Ormandy for use with students from preschool to university ages, emphasizes communicated love, good class management, and efficient learning with well-trained, caring teachers and clearly defined, mutually reinforcing goals.

In lessons characterized by a speedy tempo and loving strictness, we stress aural comprehension, strict pronunciation and penmanship standards, regular structured homework, and gradually increasing student centering. Exposure to natural English is reinforced with CD listening at home.

The PLS System ® includes a variety of unique teaching methods and learning aids, plus decades of accumulated know-how in curriculum development, teacher training and cross-cultural management-staff counseling.

from left: Midori Daikuhara (President), Masumi & Ray Ormandy (Founders of PLS)

from left: Midori Daikuhara (President), Masumi & Ray Ormandy (Founders of PLS)






PEC (Pacific English Club) opens with classes at three kindergartens

Establishment of Pacific English Club Inc.
PLS (Pacific Language School) in Takaido, Tokyo opens


















PLS in Higashi-matsubara, Tokyo opens

PLS in Nishi-koyama, Tokyo opens

Publication of "Question/Answer Set A," our first PLS-original teaching material

PLS's first homestay program in California, USA

Training programs for foreign and Japanese teachers of English to children begin

Inauguration of the "PLS Sister School Association"

The main PLS school moves from Takaido to Hamadayama, Tokyo

PLS Canada Summer Program begins

Establishment of PLS Institute of Elementary School English Education
Program is adopted at two elementary schools in Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture

Registration of trademark of the PLS System ®

Program is adopted at three elementary schools in Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture

Seven more elementary schools begin the program in Kashima

The program is expanded to all twelve elementary schools in Kashima

Five elementary schools begin the program in Minowa Town in Nagano Prefecture

Three elementary schools begin the program in Fujimi Town in Nagano Prefecture

PLS 40th Anniversary

Miyada Elementary School in Nagano Prefecture begins the program
Introduction of PLS Click© - a series of interactive digital homework applications
Updated website




Teaching is Learning

"Success, students' and ours, only comes from continual efforts to improve" (PLS Newsletter "The Wave," Vol. 5).

We hold many kinds of seminars, including teacher training and total management seminars, plus conventions and forums.



Institute of English Education

We serve as advisors for modified PLS programs being used by a few private elementary, junior and senior high schools in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kita-Kyushu.

We also advise public schools in Nagano and Ibaraki Prefectures in the use of the "Recipe Method" (PLS System®).


Teaching at Public & Private Schools

PLS sends experienced native language teachers to kindergartens, elementary, junior and senior high schools.

At the kindergartens and the elementary schools, they teach basic English, participate in events, and provide students with exposure to their cultures.

In the junior and senior high schools, they focus on higher-level English to develop communicative skills.


Canada Summer Program

This homestay program in Canada is held every summer, for 10- to 18-year-olds.


PLS Sister Schools

The PLS sister schools, having found that they agree with the principles and basic curriculum of the PLS System®, have adopted it at their own schools. This relationship is founded upon mutual trust and dedication to both teaching and learning. Thus, each school makes an important contribution to our community.

The PLS Sister School Association

This is a dues-supported fraternal organization among sister schools which meets several times a year to study the PLS System® and ways to improve management of schools, aid in their development, and foster friendship among sister schools. Besides visiting host schools, it holds study meetings and lectures, organizes joined advertising in children's English education magazines, compiles student essays, introduces recommended reading, and so on.


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