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Homework Sheets

These homework sheets are the latest versions available and are free to download. The date in the square parentheses next to each link is the date the material was last updated.

Daily Expressions Set B Click

Question / Answer Set B Click

Question / Answer Set A Click

Revised Homework sheets for revised CDs

Double action verb stories

Primary English

Daily Expressions

Alphabet & Calendar Click

Review 1 (D/E Sets and A&C Cards)

Homework Sheet.jpg

Kanji English

Question & Answer Set A

Review 2 (D/E A to Q/A Set A)

Pera-Pera Daruma

Question & Answer Set B

Review 3 (D/E A to Q/A Set B)


These files print best if first downloaded from the website and printed from an image-viewing application.


Interactive Games and Rank CD Homework Sheets