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Homework Sheets

These homework sheets are the latest versions available and are free to download. The date in brackets next to each link is the date the material was last updated.

Guardian's Guide to Listening Homework (A4) [4/'16]

Double action verb stories

Primary English

Daily Expressions Set A

Daily Expressions Set b

Alphabet & Calendar Cards

Please note, from October 9th, 2018, orders of Alphabet and Calendar Click will default to the Renewal version, unless otherwise specified. If you’re unsure which version your students are using, the Renewal version has a slider along the top of the card selection menu. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Review 1 (D/E Set A to A&C)

Homework Sheet.jpg

Question & Answer Set A

Review 2 (D/E SET A to Q/A Set A)

Question & Answer Set B

Review 3 (D/E A to Q/A Set B)

Kanji English

Pera-Pera Daruma



Rank Homework Sheets