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PLS Seminars

PLS Seminars are held throughout the year in Tokyo and Osaka. Check out the latest information about upcoming seminars.

Information for Seminar Attendees

Application Form

You can download the application form here.


Download the 2019 seminar schedule here:


We look forward to seeing you at upcoming seminars. In order to maximize the time for practical demonstrations and hands-on training, we ask that you do some preparation by reading manual entries, watching training videos and doing some of the homework that our students do. While this pre-seminar preparation load may seem daunting, there is a payoff: less time enduring 'how to' and 'why' lectures, and more spent honing your skills in mock-teaching sessions.

  • Seminar 1 preparation

  • Seminar 2 preparation

  • Seminar 3 preparation

Seminars for Spring 2019 have concluded. Updated preparation pages will be made available for Fall 2019 before Seminar 1.

All this will be a fair amount of preparation, so we encourage you to start early and spread it out into a few hours per week, so as not to risk being overloaded in the final hours. Doing all preparatory reading and homework will seriously benefit both your gains at the seminar and our effort to teach. These seminars will be primarily conducted in English.

Teacher's Questionnaire

Please send us your completed Teacher's Questionnaire to us at least a week before the seminar, so that we'll have an adequate picture of your needs and interests. You can fax it to us at 03-5306-5738 or fill it online here.


To evaluate seminar preparation, an online quiz will be sent to your schools before the seminar. A quiz will also be given at the end of each day of the seminar, to measure learning and afford end-of-seminar review of what's been covered. Grades from these three quizzes will be compiled and sent to you, through your schools, soon after the seminar.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion will be sent to those who meet the following requirements:
• Attend seminars 1, 2, and 3
• Do all assigned homework
• Attend the full two days of each seminar
• Show a willingness and ability to learn
• Have reasonable scores on the seminar quizzes
• Send in a post-seminar teaching report
Attendees who have done all assigned homework and made an honest effort, but still have a low grade average or show inadequate improvement in mock teaching sessions, will be asked to try again in a subsequent seminar, free of charge.

Class Critiques

Teachers who have completed a seminar are eligible, within three months, to send in class videos for critique and feedback at a reduced fee.