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2018年 PLSの会 秋季フォーラム in 大阪


今回は参会者60名を超える会となりました。 ご参加いただきました姉妹校の皆様、ありがとうございました!


Thank you to the over 60 participants in the PLS Sister School Autumn Forum 2018!

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What's New?

  • The Words Words Words Vol. 3 Follow-Through Cue Sheet has been added to the Teacher’s Reference File page under Teaching Resources. (4/17/19)

  • The seminar 2 preparation page has been updated. Seminar 2 will be held in Tokyo on April 14-15 and in Osaka on April 21-22. (3/27/19)

  • The Rank Homework Sheets have been updated to reflect 9th Rank Click, as well as added furigana and other minor design changes. (3/5/19)

  • We're very happy to announce the launch of 9th Rank Click. (3/5/19)